Tortilla Perfection

I LOVE me a good tortilla. I like them more than bread. I like them… a whole lot. I’ll spare you the analogies as long as you get the point…i love tortillas.

What i DON’T like is tortillas with aluminum in them.  Or hydrogenated oil. Or other stuff I don’t want to put in my body. So the quest began… to make them! So I tried. Several times. To no avail. Wait what does that even mean? There was avail, it just wasn’t edible. What is avail when used in that context? It sure doesn’t mean available… hmm. Anyways. Back to the point….

I did it. I DID IT! i finally made a delicious batch of tortillas from scratch! Armed with the ambition to NOT make the long voyage to town for the one acceptable variety of tortillas that DOES exist at our local grocer, I tried again this morning. and. I. did. it. (successfully.) woot!!!!!


Here it is, for anyone looking for some yummy…

2 cups flour (I used one cup wheat, one cup unbleached white)
1/2 tsp salt
1 Tbsp olive oil
2/3 + 1/4 c water

Mix the flour and salt over here, the water and oil over there (in your measuring cup, if you like =)), make a well in the dry mixture, slowly mix in the wet mixture, make a dough ball, let it sit for 45 minutes, divide into 12 equal portions (i flattened it a little and cut it into 12 pie pieces with my pizza cutter), roll those into balls and let them sit for 15 minutes, roll them all out in flour, cook for 45 seconds on each side on just above medium heat, bada bing bada boom, TORTILLA YUMMAGE!!!!!

Why is that all one long run on sentence, you ask? Is it because I have bad grammer? No! It’s to illustrate how easy it is…. yeah I know it got a little out of hand…. but I hope you’re excited about it anyway!

Anyhow… here’s the finished product:


12 Circles of heaven. Hey, don’t laugh… my circles will get better with practice, i’m sure. =)

Thanks for reading!


I’ve made the move!

I’m now on wordpress! I’m excited about this change, and with it I plan to blog more regularly!

It’s been absolutely gorgeous lately, Sunny and 70’s, which for northern Michigan in March is just… not normal. But very welcome! A little over a week ago we got almost 18 inches of snow…. a bit of which was left yesterday… but as of today it appears to be completely gone! I have so many projects I’ve been dying to work on, but I had my gallbladder out Monday so unfortunately have gotten nothing done in this week off of work. Except for the obvious… got my blog moved. =)

Well… I’ve got a screen door I’m working on, 2 different tables, and much to share… I hope to get a better idea at my follow-up appt on Tuesday as to when I’ll be back to normal. Until then…. what about you? Gorgeous weather in your parts? Any unfinished projects you’re dying to knock out?

What I’m here for

This morning I got a daily email from Proverbs 31 Ministries, I read them if I have time, and when I do they are such a blessing…. I finished this mornings, and started to pray, “Lord, make these problems go away”…. how quickly I had forgotten what I just read. My prayer almost immediately changed to, “Lord, thank you for this, I know it will grow me, may your will be done”. Thank you Lord, for a great reminder!

9&10 News – American Heart Association Changing Women’s Risk Guidelines

9&10 News – American Heart Association Changing Women’s Risk Guidelines

I am so thankful they’re airing this! As most of you know, I had Post Partum Cardiomyopathy after having my little one, and be aware that it can happen with NONE of these issues happening during pregnancy, it can just HAPPEN right afterwards, sometimes a day or week later, sometimes up to 6 months later!

Things I love about my husband…

… He has an awesome sense of humor. We just… get each other, all the time. And we think the same…. what one of us says, the other was thinking, and we are almost always in agreement about important things.

… When he’s a total kid, with our kid. And just how he is around kids in general.

… His ideas. And how when we put our ideas together, they turn into bigger and better ideas. And how we finish each other’s ideas, and round them out, until it’s ‘just right.’

… His love for the Lord. I love that he reads his bible every night before he goes to bed and doesn’t let anything get in the way of it. I love watching him worship at church. I love his servants heart.

…The fact that just a simple nod is all it takes for us to know we’re in agreement on something.


Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetie! =)