100 things I love about every day

1. Wake up with a smiling baby crawling all over me, smiling, wacking me and saying “mom! mom! mom! mom!” in that adorable repetition that’s only adorable when she says it!
2. Get a goodbye kiss from Jeremy while I’m still totally asleep.
3. That point in the day when Chloe gets sleepy and wants to cuddle with me until she falls asleep while playing with my face, hands, hair, glasses, whatever.
4. That when I am getting Chloe dressed she always thinks we’re going ‘bye bye’ and if we’re not she gets upset and wacks the door and tries to open it until we at least go outside and she says ‘bye bye! go! bye bye! bye bye!’ until she gets her way…
5. The fact that there is an amazing park 5 blocks away that we can go to any day we want.
6. Getting ready and around for the day, whether its bath time or whatever, and Chloe learning something new almost every day
7. Getting texts from Jeremy asking what I’m up to and how Chloe is doing
8. Sharing my breakfast with Chloe, and her sharing with the puppy or yelling “no! no! no! go!” if she’s not in the mood to share and puppy wants her to
9. Nap Time! I’ve had all this fun and finally i can get something done!
10. All the other things i can’t think of right now but I will add to this list later, 10 at a time….


I’m joining too!

Read Tereza’s blog today and knew I had to… click here to see what I’m joining and here to see where she got the idea. I’ll probably get to this sometime early next week… I’m excited and I hope you’re excited to see all the things our family loves doing each day! We’ll basically make a list of 100 things that we love doing each day, or that make us happy. Join the fun!

Got through another season of layoffs!

Jeremy got through another season of layoffs! They’ve been laying off people for a month or so now and we were getting very worried, as they laid off people who had been there longer than him, moved people to second shift, and otherwise turned the shop upside down. However, he was informed today officially that he won’t be getting laid off! He is now a ‘float’ between his machines and a couple machines of people who got laid off/moved to second shift, they are really downsizing on employees right now… but praise God!! we made it through!!

Baking with daddy

Daddy got a craving.

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Why are you yelling at daddy? I like standing up here!

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Dancing up here is so fun!!!Look at those puppies on TV over there!

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Notice my cute new border above her head?

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You KNOW that’s the cutest little kid ya ever saw!

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The puppy can’t come help??

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OOOOO Daddy I like how it spins!!!

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Can I eat it yet???

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I’m not tall enough daddy!

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Yes, I know, there are basketfuls of laundry on the dining table, but really, who can fold clothes when you’ve got one of these to play with?!?!?!? She never ceases to amaze me…. and this next post is gonna blow your mind….

I got a virus!!

When i was checking my bulk mail today (sometimes good mail from friends goes in there for some reason) I got a “hallmark postcard” and it was a virus! luckily yahoo detected it, but man…. who knows whats going around these days… so if you get one of those i wouldn’t recommend opening it!!!

Added anonymous commenting

So… I figured out that you can have ‘anonymous’ comments on your blog, so people don’t have to create an account just to comment! This should work out good for a lot of family who doesn’t have time or doesn’t want to create an account- Just please let me know who you are since it won’t say, and leave me lots of comments! I love comments! 🙂

So… today Chloe shut her eyes to walk under the shower. That is huge! It tells me she realizes that closing her eyes will keep water out of them, and that walking into the running shower from the other half of the bathtub merits the occasion to shut her eyes!~! Too cute! And the day before she learned “yes” and to vigorously nod her head up and down while she says it… also adorable! AND last night she learned how to climb onto the dining room chairs. Not that we have a dining room, but those chairs as opposed to the living room chairs which she can allready climb onto easily… But she saw mommy drag a chair across the house to get into the top of a closet and she promptly copied me, stepping first on the bottom rung and then pulling herself up. Nothing is sacred anymore!!!!!!!!!!!